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Camp Attach

This page is a resource for families and staff coming to Camp Attach (Fall 2022)


Pickett Lake Camp:

This website has pictures of the facilities.




Housing is based upon family size and special needs. The cabins are a bit rustic, but you will be spending most of your day outside and in other buildings.  The cabin is primarily a place to sleep and to shower.


Linens are not provided (sorry). Their are at least eight bunk beds in each cabin.


These rooms have a double and a twin bed. Linens are provided. Most of these rooms are being used for the Camp Attach staff. There are a few smaller families that will be placed in Motel Rooms.


There is a lot of open space for running and playing.  Fishing is permitted on the lake (bring your own gear). They have canoes and basic sports equipment.

It is Florida and mosquitoes do come out at 30 minutes before daylight and dusk.

This location is about three hours North of the Orlando area. It is cooler than Orlando. You may expect nights in the 70s.  It can be in the 80s during the day.   There is no pool or swimming in the lake.

This is a remote location that is several miles from the nearest shopping. 


  • Refillable water bottle.
  • Coffee mug with lid for during the sessions (if you are a coffee/tea drinker)
  • Tote bag to carry your stuff from place to place.
  • Light Jacket (sessions are in A/C)
  • Bug Spray
  • Shoes for activities
  • Hat