My Testimony

As a child I was taken to church almost every week. I also went to Vacation Bible School and various children’s meetings. Unfortunately, the gospel was never clear to me. That may be what drew me to be involved in children’s ministries through the years.

I was picked up for Sunday School and Primary Class from Kindergarten through grade school by a very loving and caring family from the LDS (Mormon) Church. The emphasis of the teaching that I remember was being kind and loving. The relationship between the Father, the Son (Jesus), angels, and the devil left me confused. At age twelve I was no longer attending regularly.

The Lord reached my circle of friends first. It was them that convinced me to attend meetings at the Fort Pierce Gospel Center. Brother Dale Lantis spent hours with me over about four months, clearing up years of Biblical error. Then, on the Friday before Halloween (not celebrated at the Gospel Center, but it is how I remember the date), I asked Dale to take me home last. There in an old white school bus I placed my faith in Jesus Christ and was truly born again.

At age fifteen I met Ted Thisse. I told him that I could sail and had lifeguard training. That was enough to get me on staff at Camp Horizon, washing dishes. Charlie Lacey rode herd over us in the kitchen for the next three summers and that is where I met Ms. Kitty (my life partner).

Kitty and I married in 1980. We served almost every summer at Camp Horizon. From 2000-2021 the Lord allowed us to serve full-time on the property at Leesburg, FL.

My ministry now includes teaching, editing and producing web content, and some writing. We fellowship at North 56th Street Gospel Chapel in Tampa, Florida.